“How to start and grow a house cleaning business when you’re over 60, invest the income, and retire (if you want to).”

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Money, your cleaning business, and you:

How do you start a house cleaning business if you have no money?

Start a house cleaning business with no money

How To Sell Your House Cleaning Business For $1,000,000

Where to find amazing employees

Hiring part 1

Savannah another great employee - She moved to Vegas darn it. 

 Here's how to find and keep great employees

Hiring part 3


The benefits of having Master House Cleaners working in your business

My employees were not properly trained and I lost 10 customers because of it.

Lost 10 customers

How to advertise your house cleaning business:

An appallingly, ugly sales letter + $2 bill = $800,000

Mailing 175 letters got us 8 vacation rentals to clean.

“This and That” about starting, running and growing a house cleaning business.