“How to start and grow a house cleaning business, invest the income, and then retire when you’re over 60.”

About Me and About This Site –


“How to start and grow a large business, invest the income and retire, when you’re over 60.”



I’m Don.

I might be like you.

I’m 63. I have no savings. I live in my parent’s basement. I’m under-educated. I’m lonely with no prospects for a relationship. I have suffered from depression all of my life. I understand I appear to be a total loser. Maybe I am, but I bet I know something that might help you.

There is more to my circumstances than just what I’ve written but that will do for now.

That’s all the negative stuff.

Here is the good stuff. In the past I was a successful business owner. I know how to run a business, I know how to buy a business and I know how to sell a business.

I bought, grew and sold a property mangement business. When I owned the business, it brought in $1,5000,000 per year in gross income. The net income was about $8,000 to $11,000/month.

My goal with this site is to share my journey to building another business, buy rental properties, and retire.

I’m going to share what I am doing, what I am learned and the failures and successes.

Maybe I’ll help only one 60 year old person to end up with a better, more financially rewarding life. If so, I’ve succeeded here.

P.S. By the way, this blog site is about starting, growing, and a house cleaning business without having to clean a house.

Most people that see the words “house cleaning” will move on to the next website. For those of you that stick around, let’s do this.

Not me

A picture of me

Me – I don’t think I look like a loser.

Give me a year to figure that out.

How To Sell Your House Cleaning Business For Top Dollar$1,000,000

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