How to start and grow a cleaning business when you’re over 60.

No lottery win, no rich uncle, no easy money. Sorry.

The harder path.

These things happen, but not to you:

My sister (61 as of this writing) inherited $3,000,000 in stocks and cash. She also inherited a nice house. This was left to her from a friend with no family members.

I have a window cleaning client that won so much money at a slot machine jackpot that she is getting 20 yearly payments from that win.

If you’ve had a miracle like these happen to you, you’re on the wrong website. You can stay but you don’t need this information unless you’re bored.

For the rest of us:

Sorry, no hail Mary’s. These things aren’t gonna happen to you. Also see “How do you start a house cleaning business if you have no money?”

Stop buying lottery tickets as your retirement plan. Buy them for fun if you want to.

People like you and me have to work for what we get. In fact, for a lot of us we choose to do the hard things. We found that at the end of the hard path, life is easier. Take the easy path and life will suck.

Short and sweet, but kinda harsh:

You and I will need to follow a different, harder path. That’s where this website comes in.

This path is going to be scary and difficult. Easy isn’t an option.

I can’t guaranteed your success but your chances of winning are better than buying a lottery ticket.

Do you know someone that got some big, easy money? Life changing money? Share the story with the rest of us in the comments. I for one haven’t had my big dose of jealousy today…

You could net $11,248 per month by cleaning 10 vacation rentals per day

No lottery win, no rich uncle, no easy money. Sorry.