How to start and grow a cleaning business when you’re over 60.

150 leftover EDDM postcards mailed using stamps = 1 new customer.

Here are the postcard marketing results I’ve experienced when advertising my house cleaning business. I also tell you what is working the very best for me. This should help you have good results with marketing your house cleaning business using postcards.

For the last couple of months, I have learned a bit about how to test letters and postcards, so I don’t waste money doing mailings that don’t work.

For example, I mailed out 80 letters for window cleaning to a retirement community. In the letter, I was offering to clean spider webs off their homes and clean their windows. It took a while but I ended up getting five of these jobs.

So that brings me to the present. Below is a postcard I will mail to my customer list. I will test mail it to see if it works.

Cost to print and mail 100 postcards will be about $120.

If I didn’t do a test mailing: 400 postcards $349.

So if I mail the postcard below and nothing happens, I’ve saved $229.

This postcard actually seems more likely to succeed than fail. As long as there are no typos and an excellent offer, it should do very well.

If I remember, I will give you the results of the mailing early in 2023.

Update June 2023

What I think I’ve learned over the past year is, if I’m mailing leftover EDDM postcards, I need to put address labels and regular stamps on them. This has worked so far. On average I have gotten 1 new customer for every 150 postcards mailed.

The post cards were mailed to either active adult communities or upper end homes.

Bottom line: 150 leftover EDDM postcards with mailing label and stamp mailed = one new customer.

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An appallingly, ugly sales letter + $2 bill = $800,000

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