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100 flyers = 2 appointments

Delivering Flyers By Hand

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In the last couple of weeks I have had 100 flyers delivered by hand to an upper end neighborhood near my home.

The flyers were printed in black and white. You can see a copy of the flyer HERE.

Profile of the homes: most are about 1 to 6 years old, 2100 SF, $750,000+ value. Occupied by working and retired older people. Very few children.

I got two calls so far from the flyers. Met with both homeowners and signed up one homeowner.

Is this a fluke (2 calls 100 flyers)? I don’t know. When I have delivered 1,000 flyers I will know better.

More information about delivering flyers by hand: Flyering 101: How to nail flyer distribution


delivering flyers by hand

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