How to start and grow a cleaning business when you’re over 60.

9 Good Reasons NOT To Start A House Cleaning Business When You’re Over 60


> What you should know

1.   You’re like my sister: Rich or financially set already. (If not, see: No Hail Mary for you on this site.)


2.   You’re lazy. There’s a difference between being lazy and being “older tired.” You know what I mean. If you’re lazy, you’re probably not reading this, anyway.


3.   You have a “set in stone” mind set of: “I’m an employee. Always have been, always will be!” If that’s the case, you certainly shouldn’t start a business. Starting a business is scary hard. Just stay where you’re at, safe and secure. Of course now that I’m thinking about it, trying to live on only social security is going to be scary hard. Scary now, or scary later, your choice.


4.   You’re not social and don’t know how to be. You don’t need to be outgoing or “salesy” but being able to talk to people in important.


5.   You don’t know how to hold a genuine conversation. If you only know how to talk AT people nonstop, you’re going to have a hard time getting people to sign up with you. However, if you’ve reached this age and you don’t know you’re like this, it’s too late, anyway. I’m sorry.


6.   You have a low tolerance to risk and stress. I admit to having a low tolerance to stress. I shut down my first try at house cleaning because I couldn’t handle the stress. I’ve learned ways to control the stress and have started again. If you have the same stress issues, I hope you can get a grip on them. What I’ve learned. Talk to someone. Get advice. Even if you don’t use it, ideas are still helpful.


7.   You’re not emotionally mature. If other people caused your problems, then you’re emotionally immature. I’m sorry you had a crappy childhood. Stop reading and go blame someone for where you’re at in life. You’re never gonna make it.


8.   You don’t know how to solve problems or make decisions fairly rapidly. Business is all about solving problems, at least that’s what I’ve experienced. Being able to make fast decisions for some people is impossible. I dated a woman that just couldn’t make decisions. That was an enormous problem for her.


9.   You don’t realize how important it is to follow the advice of someone that’s already “Been there, done that.” If you choose to create a house cleaning business and don’t educate yourself so that you avoid mistakes, you’re probably gonna fail. Or it will take so long to succeed it won’t be worth it. When I owned the property management business, property owners who had tried to “do it themselves” and failed contacted frequently me. They didn’t realize that they were starting a business where they needed more knowledge than they had.

Where we are today is a direct result of the choices we made.

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You and I might be alike...

we might be alike

"I’ve seen you where you work. You’ve over 60 and you’re working at Boston Market, or McDonalds or Domino’s pizza."

There are more issues than just these nine. This is all I could come up with.


What issues do you feel are barriers to a person starting or succeeding at a business?  Post your thoughts in the comment section.

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