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“How to start and grow a house cleaning business when you’re over 60, invest the income, and retire (if you want to).”

Here’s a guide to determining if your non-cleaning business will succeed or fail.

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I don’t remember when this idea came about or came from but you can mostly tell if a small business will be successful or not based on what they are trying to get the public to buy.

I call this the difference between a need and a want.

For the most part a need is something that you have to have to lead a comfortable life.

A want, again for the most part, is something that you don’t need but desire to improve your life.

An example I’ve used before on this site is an automobile. Most people need a car to get them where they need to go. On the other hand a sporty Mercedes Benz is a want. Call it what it is, a luxury item.

How does this relate to starting a business?

It is much easier to sell someone something they need vs. something they want. Even better is to sell something that people need and want. A business that sells a need and a want is a unicorn. It is an almost sure to succeed business.

Example #1 – A Want: I own a window cleaning business. Having your windows cleaned is a want. I’ve only just managed to hang on to the business. I never made a lot of money. People want window cleaning but they don’t need window cleaning

Example #2 – A need and a want: House cleaning. Most people want and need a clean home. I am someone that needs a clean environment. There are people that want a clean home. They could do this themselves or have someone else do it for them. One way or another it has to be done.  So in this case house cleaning would be considered a need and a want. Even more about owning a house cleaning business: The Top 13 Reasons To Start A House Cleaning Business. (Even if you’re over 60)

Example #3 – A want: In the last few months three stores that sell cookies have opened up in my town. Buying a cookie is a want. It is never a need. One, two or all three of those cookie stores will go out of business.

Example #4 – A need and a want: Local moving companies, for example “3 men and a truck.” Most people can move their possessions themselves, but if they have a few hundred spare dollars they would rather have someone else do the work. They need to move and someone has to do it. If they can afford it they want a local moving company to do the work for them. A small local moving business would be successful.

Example #5 – A want: Any small specialty clothing store is going to struggle to stay open. Specialty clothing is a want, not a need.

Example #6 – A want and a need: Handyman service. If you can do this work you’ll always have more work than you can handle.

Example #7 – A want: A small local restaurant. For example, I want pizza but I don’t need it. If we needed pizza to survive then pizza stores would be wildly successful.

Example #8 – A want and need: Landscape maintenance service.

Bottom line is if you want to own a successful business make sure you’re selling a need and a want.

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