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“How to start and grow a house cleaning business when you’re over 60, invest the income, and retire (if you want to).”

Problems happen. Most of the time solutions happen.

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Stuff happens in life that is out of our control. Sometimes that stuff is caused by other people or businesses.


  • A house cleaning employee gets into a car accident on the way to a job. You get sued.
  • A house cleaning employee damages a wood floor at a customer’s home.
  • The delivery person leaves packages on your doorstep, and the packages end up being stolen.

I had a “Screw the Pooch” problem happen to me today. You can read the letter I wrote to a printing company (below) to find out about this.

The only thing to do is try to learn from the problem and then do something so it doesn’t happen again. This article expounds on this: Energy sucking customers. Getting paid what you’re worth.

Using the above examples:

  • Car accident – Buy company cars? Or have a van that you use to transport your employees to their jobs?
  • Employee’s damaging a customer’s wood floor – create a system that educates your employees better?
  • Stolen package – leave a note to the delivery person to drop the package off on the back porch (out of sight, out of mind)?

With the printing company, I’ve learned to create the postcard on Microsoft Word or Google docs and then transfer the finished design to the design software the printer has online. The original design never gets lost because I have it, not the online company.

It is possible that when the shit hits the fan, you can come up with a way for that to not happen next time or a way to minimize the problem.


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To: Raymond Hartoonian, CEO of Got Print

Dear Raymond,

I’ve been a customer of Got Print for many years.

It is rare for me to write to a company with a complaint. Unfortunately, I am compelled to do so today because of a problem I’ve experienced.

I use your online design program software to create the postcards I use in my businesses.

I noticed a while back that the online design software was developing glitches. For example, when using the Google Chrome browser, my designs were not being saved, no matter what I did.

I “fixed” this (temporarily I see now) by switching to Microsoft Edge. Until today, that worked as a fix. I could save my work and then come back to it at a later date.

Now to today.

A few days ago, I spent several hours working on my latest postcard.

I came back today to work on it again and found that my work was gone. The design had reverted back to my original starting point.

I know it sounds like I didn’t save the design. That is not the case. In fact, I had a timer set up on my phone to go off every 2 minutes to remind me to save my design because of the problems I had before. So, every two minutes like clockwork, I saved my work on your site.

I was quite excited about the postcard I had created and was looking forward to refining it today, but it’s gone. This discovery was devastating.

I called your customer service representative. They told me there was nothing that could be done.

Maybe you weren’t aware that your design software was deteriorating.

One thing I am sure of is that if this has affected me, it has affected dozens or even hundreds of your other customers. Many of whom, quite likely, do more business with you than I do.

I’ve seen nationwide businesses fail because of small, long term problems, left uncorrected, that were being experienced by a small minority of customers.

Perhaps it’s time to hire someone to fix the design software problems you have. I don’t have time to wait, so unfortunately I need to find a different company to use.


Sincerely, Don Glasgow

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