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$9,000 in Net Income From A Vacation Rental Owner Sales Letter I Wrote

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About 10 days ago I wrote a 1 and a half page letter to see if I could get vacation rentals to clean.

Besides the letter, I also included an article I wrote a couple of years ago, How To “Super-Clean” An Airbnb, Vacation Rental Home.

I then mailed the letter and article to two different vacation rental communities. About 60 letters went to a fairly new vacation rental community. Another 20 letters went to a vacation rental community that was built about 20 years ago.

With the new community mailing, I didn’t get any calls. I had mailed to this same community before, so I knew that was going to happen. The first time I mailed to the community was about two years ago. I got three calls from owners and got one new client. It took about nine months for that to happen. I cleaned about 5 times (total income: $525) for the new client before she sold the property. The new owners had cleaners that they already used, so that was that.

20 letters = Better Results

The 20 letters I mailed to the older community had much better results. I got two new vacation rental owners as clients.

The first owner has a “family visits only” property and we expect to make $1,800 in gross income and probably $900 in net income over the next year from that condo.

The other owners that contacted me had 4 vacation rental condos. They hired my company to clean their four units. They get about 22 bookings per month (translated: 22 monthly cleanings for us). The average cleaning income per unit is about $80. Over one year, we should gross about $21,000, which will bring in about $8,500 in net income at a 40% profit margin.

Profit margins for cleaning businesses are exceptional, by the way. So good that I comfortably present the idea that $500,000 net per year can be made with your cleaning business.

More mailings

As I mentioned in another article on this site, I plan to mail 1,000 letters, which means I need 1000 property owners to mail to. I think I can hit that number by only mailing to older condo communities.

I’m not going to guess at the number of people that will call me from those letters. Maybe the two owners I got were a fluke? If the results were the same as the first 20 letters mailed, I would have to slow down the mailings so I could add more employees.

Bonus: Sample of my sales letter for attracting Vacation Rental owners:


St George vacation rental cleaning still on your mind?

We provide our current clients with calm peace of mind by providing exceptional cleaning services. (Yes, really.) 

We would love to provide the same peace of mind to you.

Dear Vacation Rental Home Owner,

My name is Don Glasgow. I own First Impressions Home Cleaning in St George, UT. 

I  would like our company to be your vacation cleaning company.

You’re probably thinking, “I don’t know you from Adam. Why should I call you?” or “How are you any better than my current cleaners?”

A good place to start is to say I’ve personally done hundreds of vacation rental cleanings. The reason for this is that I used to own a residential property management company.

We had four to five vacation rentals we managed and cleaned for about eight years. 

This was back before vacation homes were even a thing in our area.  

My wife and I cleaned these homes ourselves. This was because we could never find a cleaning person or service that could meet our standards or our vacation renter’s expectations.

We performed about two plus vacation rental cleanings per month. Adding up all the cleanings means we did about 200 vacation rental cleanings during those eight years. These homes were cleaned properly on time, month after month, year after year. 

We never received a complaint about the cleanliness of the homes from the vacationers. 

You actually don’t need to hire us or replace your current cleaner to try our service. Let us clean for you once or twice to see how it goes. In fact, I’ve included a gift certificate for up to $100 off your first cleaning. I think of the gift certificate as a “try it before you buy it” offer.

Worry-free, guaranteed cleaning of your St George investment property. That’s one less thing to worry about. 


Call me today to chat about having us helping you too.  (435) 879-1239


P.S. What if you love your current cleaner? We also provide “Step-in cleaning.” If your current cleaner has been injured, is ill, or just wants some time off, call us. 


We’ll “step-in” to clean while they’re unavailable. When they’re back in the game, we’ll move on down the road. Win,win, win. Your cleaners get the free time they need, you get your vacation rental cleaned, my cleaners make some extra money and we create good will.

Use this gift certificate towards the cost of a vacation rental cleaning that we do for you:

sales letter sample

Younger cleaning business owners, marketing on social media and what is actually right for me

It’s interesting to compare how I get new clients vs. what the younger vacation rental cleaning business owners do. They are all about social media. I put my info out on social media but got “crickets.” Too bad the owners doing social media don’t know about direct mail.

I spent years reading every book I could get my hands on related to using marketing tactics to get new customers for my business.

I’ve created dozens of marketing campaigns as I perfected my craft. Some worked, some didn’t. I will say that passive marketing like posting on social media is not a path I’m willing to follow in my goal of selling the business for $1,000,000. I don’t have that much time to wait around for social media to get me new customers.

I want a lot of business and I want it right now.




If you’ve had good results from a letter you’ve mailed share the results. I would love to hear about it. Comment below you sales animal you!

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