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How To Clean A Toilet

  1. Wear the latex gloves provided.
  2. If there is any items around the toilet on the floor, move them out of the way.
  3. Locate the homeowners brush and liquid toilet bowl cleaner (look under the sink if you need to). Apply the liquid toilet bowl cleaner around the sides of the toilet bowl. Swish the toilet bowl clean scrubbing all surfaces. Sometimes there is fecal matter that’s hard to remove, hence the gloves. To keep from getting it on you stand up and step back while cleaning it off. Keep scrubbing and it will come off. When you’re done swish the brush clean in the toilet bowl water and then lay the brush on the floor to drip dry.
  4. Spray every surface of the toilet including the seat, the seat cover, the cover on the back of the toilet and the area where the toilet is bolted to the floor. See image. Also, spray the floor and baseboards behind the toilet.
  5. Using toilet paper, wipe the rim of the bowl and the area behind the seat.
  6. Using a clean towel dry / wipe down every easily reachable surface of the toilet.
  7. Now use the bathroom toothbrush provided to clean the toilet seat and cover bolts (the edges). See image.
  8. Reach behind the toilet on the left and right and clean the toilet surfaces near the floor bolts.
  9. Wipe clean the areas of the baseboard that you sprayed.
  10. Clean the floor around the toilet paying close attention to the areas near the back of the toilet.
  11. Using another clean towel sprayed with our polish, polish all surfaces of the toilet paying special attention to the rim of the bowl and the area behind the seat.
  12. Put the toilet brush back where you found it. Wipe up the water that came off of the brush.
  13. Put back any items you moved away from the toilet.
  14. Take off your gloves but save them for the master bathroom toilet cleaning.

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