How to start and grow a cleaning business when you’re over 60.

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 It has been difficult for me to find a marketing method that is reliable enough to share with you. You never know, maybe things will have changed by the time you read this.

To me reliable means I mail out “X” number of postcards or letters and get “Y” number of new clients.

I’m frustrated in that I might take an action (example: mailing 800 postcards to a retirement community). Then, whether it be the first time, the second time, or the third time, I don’t know if it will work.

For instance, I did three mailings of 800 postcards, each mailing to a 55+ active retirement community. The first batch of postcards I mailed produced nothing. Mailing a second batch brought in a few new customers. The third batch produced no new customers. More postcard marketing results.

I mailed to a family neighborhood twice, at a cost of $700 and got one new customer (ouch). I got a referral from that new customer, so that helps.

Several months ago, I mailed letters to vacation rental owners and got a ton of work. I’ve mailed to the same owners again and have gotten nothing.

It’s impossible to have a viable business without knowing how to get customers.

It is time to experiment to figure out how many new customers I can get by consistent, month-after-month mailing.

I will mail out 30 simple flyers to vacation rental owners per day. I will continue this until I hit 1,000 or until I run out of people to mail to. Then it will be time to start over mailing to the same people. I will do this eight times.

My thought with this is to be gentle, but persistent. The flyer is simple (see the example below). I printed it on 32 lb. paper that is “tri-folded” and then sealed the tri-folded flyer with three, 2 inch round paper (tear-able) envelope sealer like these.

So far (August 9th, 2023) I have mailed to 360 vacation rental home owners with no one contacting me.

I will post an update as frequently as I remember to do so. If I haven’t posted results in a while please post a comment in the comment section below to remind me.