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“How to start and grow a house cleaning business when you’re over 60, invest the income, and retire (if you want to).”

Here is what this site is about, and what I hope you and I can accomplish together

 Just a warning: I’m a kind person who cares about people. That said I am a straight talker. We don’t have time to pussy foot around, walking on egg shells. Now, let’s pull up our big boy or girl pants and get going.

I’m gonna get straight into it here.

Here is what I want to achieve and what I hope you will achieve also:

1.   We are going to start a house cleaning business/service. I started mine a month ago as of this writing.

2.   We are going to grow that house cleaning business as fast as possible.

3.   We are going to work on creating a system for running the business without you having to be working in the business. If you haven’t read the book E-myth you need to read it: or you can go work a few extra shifts at Wendy’s. Your choice.

4.   I’ll mention it again. (This is super important): You have to create a system that creates income for you without you having to work in the business. If you don’t do this you might get 5% of what you could get when you sell the business. Example: Instead of getting a million dollars when you sell the business, you might get $50,000. That would suck.

5.   When you sell the business, your buyer is looking to buy an income stream not a job. Makes sense, huh?

6.   The cleaning industry is the best, safest way to grow a big business. It is recession proof and there is more people looking for house cleaning services than businesses to provide that service. (I’ll cover this in another post).

7.   For a lot of people this business is a need, not a want. What do I mean? You decide to buy a car. You need something inexpensive and reliable so you buy a gently used Toyota. Your “want” would be to buy a new, sporty Mercedes.

People can do without wants. They can’t do without needs. It’s super easy to sell people things that they need. Selling “wants” requires sales people.

Bottom line: We are going to start, grow a house cleaning business to get a large monthly income of at least $250,000 year. Then were going to invest like mad.

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