“How to start and grow a house cleaning business, invest the income, and then retire when you’re over 60.”


How do I find good employees (actually outstanding employees)?

My and an employee

From this article: “Many years ago, when I had my real estate license, I hired three different people at three different times to help me. All three didn’t work out. Why?…”

What do I tell a potential new employee during their interview?

From this article: 

“Because we are based on kindness we don’t have manager’s, only leaders. Manager is a 4 letter word in our business…”

Supplement: How do you find and hire amazing employees?

Find amazing employees

From this article: "I won’t hire someone that smokes cigarettes. I wouldn’t want that smell in my house and I know most other people wouldn’t either. People that vape are up to you..."

Using The “Rule Of Two” to retain good employees and fire dreadful customers.

Rule of Two

From this article: "Keep this in mind when you run into or get hired by bad customers. You don’t want them. Let them bother some other cleaning business owner. We’re not out to make friends..."